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BREAKING CURSES - incl. Curses resulting from Sins of Our Forefathers & Nations, PRAY & BREAK CURSES FOR NATIONS ISRAEL AUSTRALIA


This is a very small excerpt from a Prophetic Word from the Lord with amazingly specific directions about breaking curses, breaking agreements, renouncing etc.   In this small excerpt here the Lord speaks specifically about curses that have come upon Australia & its inhabitants through Canberra (National Capital)& tells us how to break them off ourselves.   Even for other Nations & their inhabitants it is informative & will give them some insight about how curses can come upon a Nation through some of its governments decisions & laws.   Information & access to the full amazingly detailed Prophetic Word is at the base of this page. 

The entire Prophetic Word was dictated to me from the Lord word-for-word slowly so I would write it as He spoke each word, as are all prophetic Words on this site (unless otherwise stated). 

“Pythagoreanism has been a tool used in conjunction with others to find its way into the foundation stones of your hearts. Break off this root from Canberra & its slip-knot from your throats, & the cage that its walls have built around you.
Demand your safe passage out of these dark passageways & doorways of darkness that your soul has become entrapped in through laws unleashed upon the Land & its inhabitants.
Many decades ago satan sent his soldiers to put out the fire in the hearts & in the souls of many in this Nation through this ‘key-hole theory’, bringing animosity, divorce, disease & sickness. Disobedience & rebellion lies at its heart.
Speak forth life & release from all fabrications & false foundations poured out upon cursed land (Canberra)designated by the enemy for his retribution against this Land (Australia).

Cut off all ties & agreement with the past & its grip & hold over your thinking & understanding, & speak ‘release,’ & curse the curses against you.”

Excerpt Rewritten as A DECREE: –“I command the full release of my family from the effects of Pythagoreanism & all curses on this Land.   I break off this root from Canberra & its slip-knot from our throats, & the cage that its walls have built around us.

I demand our safe passage out of these dark passageways & doorways of darkness that our souls had become entrapped in through laws unleashed upon the Land & its inhabitants.
I break the power of all disobedience, rebellion, animosity, divorce, disease & sickness off my family, & I call forth the breaking free of these from Australia.   I call forth the Fire of God to be re-ignited in the hearts & souls of the people of Australia.
I speak forth Life & Release from all fabrications & false foundations poured out upon cursed land designated by the enemy for his retribution against this Land.   I bless Australia in Jesus Name!

I cut off all ties & agreement with all that has been ungodly in my Nation’s, family’s & my past & its grip & hold over our thinking & understanding, & I speak forth our ‘release’ & I curse the curses against us.


The City of Canberra was designed & built according to pythagoreanism which is rooted in numerous occult agendas.
Canberra was designed by Walter Burley Griffin & his wife who were heavily involved in the occult.  Below is an except from a scientology website that gives a simple summary of Canberra’s design & who seem to think the occult/illuminati factor in Canberra’s design is a good thing:

“Canberra’s design is a mysterious design based on pyramidal shapes. Basically there are four pyramids, each built upon the other. There is the upper pyramid that has its base in front of Old Parliament House. Then (others) accommodating the High Court of Australia, & other government identities….. The pyramidal concept is unmistakable.   At the apex of the pyramid is the double ring, possibly symbolic of inner & outer knowledge….. Parliament is situated as an all-seeing-eye. The areal photograph shows clearly the inner & outer rings of the eye, as well as the slightly raised pyramidal structure of Parliament House under construction. The pyramidal structure rises out of Capital Hill.   The Canberra eye is a traditional eye of providence design, more famous on the American one-dollar bill.  Similar earlier eye symbolism dates back thousands of years to the Egyptian eye of Horus (also the eye of Ra).…… As is traditional with an eye of providence design, the Canberra eye is sited within a small pyramid. And as in the US dollar bill, that small pyramid is situated within a larger pyramid. The inner & outer rings have been suggested as possibly representing the two knowledges of the religions of Egypt, Greece & Rome…. The outer ring represents those outside, such as the masses, who take their doctrine literally. The inner may represent real knowledge of the universe, available only to a select esoteric few.” (Susie suggests this select esoteric few are obviously the illuminati. The Griffins designed many important buildings in different countries. Their designs of buildings & even entire cities are basically altars built to satan, as are obelisks & many other structures that other people have built throughout the world.) Pythagoreanism – the occult doctrines of Pythagoras & his followers.

For the FULL PROPHETIC WORD I received go to:

 “DECREE DECLARATION & RENUNCIATION -BREAK CURSES & DEMONIC OPPRESSION” (or click here).    It is made up of 6 sections:


   SECTION 1 How to call forth Awakening & power.     SECTION 2 –  A Vision of War affecting many Nations, & the call for us to fight in the Spirit realm.      SECTION 3 – About cleansing our lives & homes from spiritual darkness by doing all the Lord teaches us in sections 3, 4, 5 & 6.       SECTION 4 – Guidance to follow & its blessings.        SECTION 5 Gives exact detailed instructions of how to break off oppressions & curses, break bondages, break demonic agreements, make renunciations etc. Fascinating!       SECTION 6Here the Lord dictated a short but specific declaration for us to make.

Susie Whitney  & (spiritual warfare only)  &      Copyright © SusieWhitney PropheticTeaching333. You may copy this to share in its entirety provided you do not use it for commercial use or alter it. (incl name, website & Copyright).
“Call to me & I will answer you & tell you great & unsearchable things you do not know.” (Jeremiah 33:3)

About Susie Whitney

I post Prophetic Words God spoke to me to see His people know Him intimately & to walk in His love, freedom, authority & supernatural power....... with Jesus & His Cross always remaining the centre! Jesus says:- "I am your Shepherd & you must learn to take your privileged position. You have been given the Kingdom & you rule & reign with Me & are seated in heavenly places with Me. You help run My kingdom as My ambassador & as part of the Royal Family. Rule well over all the land & territory that I have given you. Speak forth My decrees for the land, & then stability will reign. Put on My kingly robes which are My righteousness & rulership extended to you. I took back the Kingdom & gave it back to My people to rule over with Me. You share in My authority & bequests. (bequests – that which is handed down to another by law). You drink from the royal cup & you eat from the royal plate. This is your position!" (Excerpt from “NO HIDING – STAND & FIGHT. HEAVEN’S COURTROOM DECREE” )


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